Danish guitarist, composer and bandleader, Kristian Borring, has been described as a “guitarist of enormous technical ability who utilizes his considerable gifts thoughtfully and tastefully, a highly accomplished guitarist and composer."
– Ian Mann, The Jazz Mann

Kristian’s latest album Silent Storm – released July 2016 - was recorded on a dark November day in 2015 at Curtis Schwartz Studio straight off the back of his quartet’s Autumn tour around England. The writing on this, Kristian’s third album, is colorful and stylistically diverse and is concentrated exclusively around his accomplished group, putting the sounds of guitar and piano backed by a strong and emphatic rhythm section in the centre of the recording. The Danish Jazz Magazine, Jazz Special, describes the result as “…hard swing, lively post bop and mellow Nordic melancholy to edgy jazz-rock fusion is delivered with great force and a controlled ferocity which suits the quartet well." The quartet, which features the inspiring efforts of Arthur Lea (p), Mick Coady (b) and Jon Scott, has been playing together since 2009: “This feels like a ‘proper’ working band throughout, with a flexible and intelligent rapport honed by several years of playing together." (The Jazz Mann). The synchronicity of the band and the level of the music was noted by Peter Jones at London Jazz News: “This is confident, sophisticated work at every level – composition, arrangement, execution - and a pleasure to listen to throughout." The Silent Storm tour of England, Wales and Denmark was kindly supported by Arts Council England.

Kristian released his second album as a bandleader in 2014 Urban Novel drawing inspiration from the cityscape as a personal homage to life in the metropolis. The album, his first on Jellymould Jazz Records, features his working quartet as well as British vibraphonist and two time Down Beat Reader’s Poll nominee, Jim Hart, who joined in the creation of a rich sound palette consisting of guitar, piano and vibes. The music on Urban Novel with its strong sense of melody set in a contemporary ‘sound-scape’, has been described as being “clean, cool, precise and contemporary" – (The Scotsman). Jazzwise reviewer Selwyn Harris said, “Borring's set of originals are engaging and their subtle rhythmic and harmonic twists add to the interest". Commenting on Kristian’s continuous ability as strong melodic player, All About Jazz ‘s Bruce Lindsey described Kristian’s playing as a “warm, open tone - a welcoming sound that draws and holds the attention". Lance Liddle from Bebop Spoken Here added “one of the finest, most tasteful and accomplished guitarists on the scene, with Jim Hart - one of the world's great vibraphonists - in the mix, the result is another triumph for the Danish guitarist and his team." The group received Arts Council England tour support upon the release.

Kristian’s debut album, Nausicaa - a reference to Odysseus’ journey in Homer’s “The Odyssey" - was released in 2011 on Italian label Ultra Sound Records and featured New York based alto saxophonist, Will Vinson. It received wide spread national acclaim and was described by John Fordham (The Guardian) as a “hyper-cool and low-key approach to jazz guitar, but…with warmth, confidence and a rhythmic hipness that's thoroughly contemporary". Chris Parker from LondonJazz found Kristian’s original compositions “immediately attractive and enduringly impressive".

Kristian worked and performed mostly in the UK and Europe with a great variety of groups and performers such as: Archie Shepp, Antonio Zambrini, Tommaso Starace, Laurence Cottle, Liam Noble Trio, Karen David, Will Vinson, Gareth Lockrane, Nia Lynn, Monika Lidke, Ray Quinn, Bryan Abraham, Christine Tobin, The Puppini Sisters, Ed Puddick's Big Band, Mike Garrick, Jim Hart, Ivo Neame, Lars Dietrich, Andreas Pichler, Jasper Høiby and many more. Kristian’s duo with pianist Bruno Heinen saw stellar reviews upon their release Postcards To Bill Evans (2015) and their 2016 concert tour brought them amongst other places to the Inntoene Jazz Festival in Austria. Kristian is also associated with the progressive London based jazz collective SE Collective through his work with the bands Acrobat and Draw By Four.

Kristian attended studies at Conservatorium Van Amsterdam in The Netherlands and at Guildhall School of Music in London.


intense and cool playing
– Jazz Special

Borring plays with a contemporary edge whilst never losing his firm grip on the jazz guitar lexicon… a masterful exposition of jazz guitar and the small jazz combo
– Bebop Spoken Here

strong rhythmic urgency…a lot of discipline and a compelling drive to the playing
– Marlbank

A COOL, LUMINOUS BREEZE once again permeates the classy grooves of Danish guitarist Kristian Borring’s original music… The guitarist’s clear improvisatory journeyings, as always, catch the attention
– AP Reviews

[KB Quartet] swing like the well-established unit they are, sounding slick and hip, but melodic throughout; despite their modernity, they play with one foot anchored in the jazz tradition
– London Jazz News

This is a guitarist who eschews histrionics, Borring’s is an understated virtuosity and he favors a pure, clean sound.
– The Jazz Man

His guitar work, like the overall feel of the music, is clean, cool, precise and contemporary.
– The Scotsman

A good set of well played compositions with a band exercising a strong sense of control and empathy"...“gentle sophistication…
– BBC Radio 3

As the album title implies, Urban Novel is a musical tale of life in the metropolis. Cool and laid back, fast and frantic, tender and reflective, sad and joyous - big city life as we know it whether as commuters, strangers or residents.
– Bebop Spoken Here

The tunes though complex knit well together and there is a convincing clarity to the improvising thought processes at work that represents a strong statement of intent from an artist we’ll be hearing a lot more from with any luck in the future.
– Marlbank

(Jim) Hart shares Borring's warmth and fluidity of expression, creating a rewarding partnership.
– All About Jazz

Soothing, ringing tone…
– Jazzwise

Although unfailingly melodic this is also highly sophisticated music that is well served by Borring’s undemonstrative approach.
– The Jazz Mann

A melodic, precise player with a rounded, open tone. Nausicaa [is] an assured and confident debut, demonstrating Borring's talents as a composer and player. There are some complex time signatures on display, but they're never overdone and the music remains accessible from the get-go. [An] impressive first release.
– All About Jazz

[Kristian] has such a clean and distinctive style and is obviously a great listener. Nausicaa has to be on top of every jazz guitar lovers shopping list, a great CD.
– UK Radio Jazz

Borring is an accomplished but determinedly unflashy player, firmly rooted in the jazz tradition of his instrument.
– LondonJazz

Borring not only favours a fleet-fingered, hip swinging, soul-bop but draws as well from the subtle, gentle lyricism of guitarists such as John Abercrombie and Pat Metheny… there is an engaging brightness to [his] sound."
– Jazzwise